Human-Machine Intelligent Systems Lab


Resource List

IoT Sensor Framework

The IoT Sensor Framework provides a platform to collect data from IoT-based sensors such as knitted smart textiles for HIPAA-compliant processing and research, developed with the Drexel Wireless Systems Lab at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

IoT Processing Framework for Machine Learning on Wearable Smart Garments using the IoT Sensor Framework

The IoT Processing Framework integrates with the IoT Sensor Framework to provide real-time or offline signal processing and machine learning on data collected by the sensor framework.


Neural Networks by 3blue1brown

This is a gentle and visual introduction to the mathematics underlying neural networks and perceptron-based learning.

Kalman Filters by Michael van Biezen

This is an example-rich introduction to the intuition behind and application of the Kalman Filter to reduce measurement and process error from estimated values.

MIT Missing Semester 2020

This MIT Missing Semester course teaches fundamental skills about computer literacy for the technologist. Topics include the shell, editors, shell scripting, debugging, and version control.

Learning from Data by Prof. Yaser Abu-Mostafa at Caltech

This Caltech course provides a theoretical foundation for data-driven machine learning models and techniques.